July 30, 2004

Starting to recover from the accident

On the evening of May 19, I was in a serious auto accident. For the next three weeks I was in intensive care; I was mostly unconscious during the first two weeks and don't remember much during that time. After leaving the ICU, I was in rehab at another hospital for 10 days. When I first began rehab, my leg muscles wouldn't support my body, and I had to learn to walk again, first with a wheel chair, then with a walker, then with a cane, and finally with no supporting aids. I'm doing fine now, although I get tired after just a few minutes of physical activity.

My post-accident personal record is 1/3 mile of walking. After I get up to a mile, I'll mix in a small amount of jogging. I expect it will take me about a year to get back to my performance before the accident.