November 29, 2004

Running in the snow

I had a great run this morning! My wakeup HR was 47 (a new low for my post-accident HR), and I felt great. The temperature was 21F when I left for my 2.1 mile run and 26F when I returned. I wore three layers: my undershirt, a thick, long sleeved T-shirt, and my nylon jacket. Had I been running longer I would have taken the nylon jacket off. I had no problem with ice this morning, because most of the snow that fell on the street yesterday had melted--just small patches of ice here and there.

Even though it was cold this morning, the sky was clear and sunny. There are about 2 inches of snow on the ground.

I've never had a problem running in the cold. My personal-record for running in the cold is -18F (run in Massachusetts in the 80s while I was doing Marathons). I sweat when I run, even in cold temperatures. I remember having sweatcicles hanging on my neck from my hair when I finished a run in sub-zero temperatures. The most layers I used in New England was 5. The most I've used here in Utah is 3.

When I was in Marathon training in the early 80s, I found I could run in the cold for about an hour without feeling the cold. After an hour I began to feel the cold because my body was no longer able to generate enough energy to keep me warm AND propel me for the miles of my run.

November 27, 2004

Running in the rain that became snow

The extra day of rest helped! I felt better on my run today than I did on Wednesday. During the past three days I've only gotten 6 hours sleep instead of my usual 7 hours, and that could be one of the reasons why I felt tired on Wednesday and a bit tired today. My wakeup HR was 50. I've noticed there is frequently a day delay before lack of sleep affects my HR, so I won't be surprised if it goes up a bit tomorrow.

I ran during the late afternoon after my daughter and her family left for their home. The temperature was 34F when I left and 33F when I returned. The light rain when I left was a wet but light snow when I returned. I added 10% to put my mileage at 2.1 miles. It was a nice run. I've always enjoyed running in rain and snow.

November 24, 2004

No pep today :(

I felt tired all day today. I ran my 1.9 miles, but I didn't have the "pep" that I like to have. I was tired before I ran and tired after I ran. Instead of running on Friday, I'll take an extra rest day and run on Saturday. My wakeup HR was 51 again.

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November 22, 2004

Stopped to feed the horses

Another great run this morning! I stopped again to feed the horses some grass. When I added distance on Saturday, I added 18% instead of 10%, but so far I've felt great with that distance. My wakeup HR was 51.

The temperature when I finished the run was 49F, and it was really nice to be outside. Now, I'm going out to pull some weeds before I go to work.

November 20, 2004

Added 18% to my run -- hope I handle it

A great run today! My wakeup HR was 50 and I felt great! I added 18% to make my run 1.9 miles, followed by a nice 0.3 mile cool-down walk home. During the run I stopped to feed two horses a handful of grass. When I left the temperature was about 30F and a few snow flakes were falling. I enjoyed the crisp, cool air. It's wonderful to be alive and to have a strong body (well, it's getting stronger).

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November 18, 2004

My wakeup HR is inching up

Even though I had a great sleep last night, my wakeup PR was 54, 4 higher than the day before. Two nights ago I only had 6 hours sleep, and after a day's delay, it affected me in my wakeup HR and in my performance today. I ran my 1.6 miles but felt tired. Part of the problem of being tired is that I ran at 2:30 pm without any breakfast or lunch (having expected to run earlier in the day).

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November 15, 2004

Beautiful fall day

My wakeup HR was 52. During my stretches before I ran I felt a bit tired. I had an ok run but not great. I had a pretty busy day on Saturday, but yesterday was a nice rest day. We've had a lot of rain the past couple of weeks, but the coming week is forecast to be sunny days and nice temperatures. The Fall of the year is the season I enjoy most! It's great to go out running and to be glad to be alive.

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November 12, 2004

Three months ago -- CRASH!

I had a great run tonight. I couldn't run this morning because I left home early. Since I'll be gone all day tomorrow, I ran tonight. I added 11% to make my new distance 1.6 miles. I felt great during and after the run. Feeling that way was a good sign of my improving body condition, because two hours before, while my wife and I were shopping, I had a piece of pepperoni pizza. I expected my eating would affect my breathing, but it didn't. I ran out 0.8 miles on a slight uphill grade, and then I ran back the same course. My outdoor thermometer needs a new battery, so I don't know the temperature, but it was above freezing; probably in the 40s.

Today is my 3-month anniversary of running after the accident. Going from 1/8 mile on August 12 to 1.6 mile on November 12, an increase of 12X, is pretty good. If I could do that in the next three months, I'd be up to 19 miles. I think it will be harder to add 10% every week as my distance increases. I'm just grateful for any increase at all. After 4 1/2 weeks in intensive care I went to a different hospital for 10 days of therapy. When I made that change, I couldn't walk due to weak muscles and a loss of balance. During the 10 days I progressed from a wheel chair to a walker, then to a cane, and finally walking with no support. When I left therapy I could walk around pretty good, but I still had difficulty on stairs due to a loss of balance. In addition, moving my body weight up the stairs was still a challenge. During the next month I stayed at my sister-in-law's house, and I received physical therapy for balance and strength in my legs. In addition my wife and I began walking and worked up to 0.6 miles. A few days after coming to my own home I began running. That first day, three months ago, I did 1/8 mile and was pretty tired at the end. I did 1.6 miles tonight and felt great! To me this is all a miracle!

My wakeup HR was 52.

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November 10, 2004

I think I'm in a slump

Even though my wakeup HR was 50, I felt tired during the run; I considered aborting the run but decided to finish. I ran Monday evening and then Wednesday morning. So, I had less rest after the Monday run than I usually have when I go from Monday morning to Wednesday morning. I've been consistent during the past week of getting 7 hours sleep, although last night I got about 6 3/4 hours. I don't think sleep was the cause of my being tired. It's natural to have ups and downs in how a runner feels, and I may be in a slight dip.

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November 8, 2004

A nice evening run

Judy and I left at 6 am this morning, so I didn't run until evening. This was the first time in quite a while that I've run after dark. It was nice. Temperature was in the mid 50s (F). The streets were deserted, and it was a peaceful run.

I'm making pretty good progress in recovering from my accident. I'm adding 10% to my distance each week, which is better than I did before the accident (then, I added 10% every two or three weeks). The difference is, I believe, that I'm doing short distances now, and 10% is only 5 or 6 houses. As my distance approaches the 5 miles I was doing before the accident, I may have to allow more time for each increment in distance.

My wakeup HR was 52 again.

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November 6, 2004

Pulling weeds today but still ran

Today was a great running day. Temperature was in the low 50s (F) and the sun was out with no wind. I added 10% to my run to bring it up to 1 3/8 mile. My wakeup HR was 52 again.

I spent about 4 hours of hard work pulling weeds in my garden, and I'm tired now. I'm glad tomorrow is a rest day :)

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November 3, 2004

Went for a walk after my run

Most of our 6 inches of snow is gone, and the rest will be gone by tomorrow. The temperature was 36F when I left for my run. My wakeup HR was 52, and I had a nice 1.25 mile run. After the run, my wife, grandson, and I walked our 0.6 mile loop.

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November 1, 2004

6 inches of snow

Well, winter has finally come to Utah. We had 6 inches of snow yesterday. The temperature was in the high 30s (F) during the storm, and the snow melted when it hit the sidewalks and streets (the snow collected on grass and gardens). Last night the temperature was about 29F, and the sidewalks and streets were icy when I ran this morning. I usually run on the sidewalks, but I ran in the streets because the asphalt was rougher than the concrete sidewalks and gave better traction. The streets weren't solid ice, just small spots of ice mixed with small spots of dry asphalt, about equal amounts of each.

My wakeup HR was 51, and I had a nice 1.25 mile run. The temperature was 31F when I left and 37F when I returned. The ice in the streets was melting.