June 11, 2005

Ran 6 miles today

My wakeup HR was 53, high by normal standards but low since I've been having surgery for basal cell skin cancers. I ran my 6 miles along the canal trail and felt pretty good; I really enjoyed the run. The only walking I did was stopping to pick up litter that had blown from housing construction sites and put it in a dumpster near the construction.

I haven't run for the past couple of weeks because I've been having surgery each week. I still have four or five more to go, but they are the smaller ones and hopefully won't impact my energy level as much as the past ones. The surgeries are out-patient in the doctor's office. My next surgery is in two days (Monday morning).

The temperature was 84F when I returned. A nice, sunny day, especially nice since we've had so much rain lately.