Monday, October 29, 2007

I finally did what I should have done a few years ago

During the past week, I've spent a lot of time on my computer, and after a couple of hours at the computer, I would stand up and my right leg and right knee would be in pain. It was especially bad this morning before my run. After I would walk around for a few minutes, my leg/knee would feel better. The chair I sit on is a wooden chair with padding on the seat. However, the chair isn't high enough for my long legs, and the lower seat caused my knees to bend a lot. So, this morning I put a thick pad on the chair, and I've felt much better after leaving the computer. Besides the increase in height from the floor, the thick pad feels nice on my buttocks. After I put the pad on the chair, I felt fine when I stood up from the computer.

I still have some space between my knees and the bottom of my computer table, and I want to get an even thicker pad to put on the chair.


robison52 said...

This month's Runner's World Magazine has a photo of a heighten desk where you have to stand to type on the computer...sounds ideal for those of us who spend time on the internet.

Allen said...

That desk sounds like a great idea. You could use a "shop stool" that is tall enough that you're almost standing but are actually sitting on the stool.