Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Status report on my right leg/knee

I'm leaving in a few minutes for another run, and I thought I'd post a status report on my right leg and knee. Both the leg and knee are feeling much better. I can walk around the house and feel fine.

The only times I feel soreness are when I sit on the floor to do my hip and knee exercises and when I kneel down. Because of the cushion that I'm using on my chair, I feel stiff a bit but not much pain when I rise from the chair. I can bend my knee without pain, and that helps when I'm putting my shoes and stockings on. I feel a slight pain when I first sit on the floor and stretch my legs out in front of me. When I do the two toe-press stretches, I feel some soreness, especially when my right toe is under the left toe and is pulling toward me (the left toe is pushing away from me). That has been interesting, because in the past when I've done the toe-press I didn't feel anything. Now, I know for sure that the toe-press is truly working my leg and knee muscles!

There have been a few times in the past 10-15 years that I would stress a muscle in my arm while lifting or pulling, and my arm would feel sore. It usually took several weeks for my arm to return to normal. The soreness I've been feeling feels the same way that the soreness did in my arm. Based on my recovery from my sore arm, I'm beginning to realize that the soreness in my right leg may take a few weeks to completely go away. However, since it has only been 10 days since my fast run that created a problem, and a week since my 5-mile run that reestablished the problem, I've made a lot of improvement and am getting back into my running. I've always thought that patience is a great virtue, and this is an example of the wisdom in that saying.