Tuesday, February 05, 2008

5 miles today

Today was a brilliant, sun-filled day, and I ran 5 miles on the Jordan River Parkway. My energy level was low, no doubt due to the snow shoveling I did Sunday and yesterday. My wakeup HR was down to 51, a good sign. Most of the Parkway was plowed and clear of snow. About half a mile hadn't been plowed, but I passed the two plows doing that area just before I finished the run.

About 200 feet from the river, I passed a low-land that was full of water from melting snow. There were lots of ducks swimming in the water. I'm hoping the ducks found more food there than they have been finding in and near the river.

The shade temperature during my run was about 32 (F), and in one shady spot I saw ice on the trail. Not left-over ice from the snow storm, but ice from water that had drained from melting snow. Earlier in the day the temperature was warmer, causing the snow to melt. Then as shade encroached on the path, the temperature dropped, and the water froze. There was a lot of water on the path from melting snow, so the path will be icy tonight. As long as the sun was hitting the path, the temperature was above freezing, but as soon as the sun went behind a building or later went down, the temperature quickly dropped below freezing. Our low last night was about 5 (F).