Thursday, February 14, 2008

Almost recovered from my November/December injuries

I've mentioned in previous posts that in November 2007 I injured my right leg; not a big injury but a slow healing one. In December I slipped on ice and bruised my back and my tailbone. The injuries didn't prevent me from running, but I had to reduce my speed, the number of times per week, and the distance of my runs.

My back has been healed for several weeks, but my tailbone has felt tender when I did my situps before my runs. In the beginning, I couldn't do the situps; my back couldn't handle the movement and force on it. I could only just wiggle my body a bit. Then, each week I could to the situps with more motion. Finally about a month ago, I was able to do situps with the full motion of my body, but my tailbone still felt tender. This indicated that my back was healed but my tailbone wasn't healed. To my joy, I noticed last week that my tailbone was no longer tender during my situps, indicating my tailbone was finally healed.

After the November accident, my right leg hurt when I would bend my knee, such as sitting on a chair or kneeling on the ground. It felt fine when my leg was straight and when I walked or ran. As my leg healed, I was able to bend the leg more. I'm still not able to bend my leg the full amount, but I'm bending it almost the full amount. The main feeling that I'm having now is that my right leg tightens up during my two-hour runs. It isn't sore, just tight. The left leg, in contrast, feels fine.