Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another skin cancer removed yesterday

I had surgery yesterday for another skin cancer. The result was a hole next to my ear that was about the size of a quarter. The good news is that I've experienced no pain so far from the surgery. I expect the surgery had an impact on my energy level, but I didn't notice any reduction in energy during my run this morning.


robison52 said...

Sorry to hear you had to have another surgery for skin cancer next to your ear...maybe you should invest in a treadmill?

Allen said...

Hmmm... never thought of using a treadmill as a way to keep out of the sun. However, the doctors tell me that my skin cancers are a result of 30 years of exposure to the sun. When I was a kid and young adult, sun blocking creams didn't exist, and I never wore a hat. I thus had a lot of exposure to UVA/B.

I still don't wear sun blocks, because I'm concerned about chemical pollution on my body. I read a couple of reports a few months ago that said that sun creams that wash off of swimmers are polluting the water and are getting into the tissues of sea animals. Whenever I'm outdoors I wear long pants, long sleeves, and a wide brim hat to reduce my exposure to UVA/B. Anyway, I'll likely be dead 30 years from now :)