Monday, August 25, 2008

Another great 5-mile run

I ran 5 miles again this morning. My wakeup heart rate was 53, and I felt great. I left later than I did on Saturday, and the shade temperature was 77 (F) when I left and 91 when I returned. A nice 7-8 mph headwind helped keep me cool, although on the way back the wind was less effective. I drank 30 ounces of water during my run this morning. I didn't take any water with me on Saturday due to being distracted by my grand kids who were visiting. I got thirsty on Saturday, but the temperature was 10 degrees lower than today and my need for water was less.

Last week I took 4 miles to warm up, but this morning I was warmed up after 2 1/2 miles (my turnaround point). In fact I was enjoying the run so much this morning that I missed one of my half-mile markers for my walking break, and I ran the full mile with no walking.


Sherri said...

sounds like a great run! way to enjoy it!