Saturday, August 23, 2008

My last 5-mile run for the week

I was out early this morning and ran 5 miles on the Parkway. The temperature was in the low 60s (F) when I left home and in the high 60s when I returned. Keep in mind that those are shade temperatures. Most of my run is in the sun and thus significantly warmer. Because I was out earlier than I've been doing, there was more shade on the path due to Russian Olive trees that border areas of the path. I passed two people at an aid table for an 11-mile race that was in progress. The race was by runners who work at a nearby business.


robison52 said...

I can hardly wait for September when temperatures in Vegas starts falling, pretty soon I'll be training on the roads too!!

Olive trees have been illegal to plant in Vegas for years now due to its high pollen content, I wonder if your "Russian Olive Trees" are also high in pollen? Since those trees provide shade for runners maybe they should be called "Rushin' Olive Trees?

I wonder why the business had a race of the unusual distance of 11 miles? Is the business "7-Eleven?"

This week I'll be in Utah and will give a full report in my blog regarding my trip to your previous home town.

Allen said...

I don't know if Russian Olives are high in pollens. I haven't had any problems with hay fever this year. The trees do grow well in the Utah desert. You can see pictures of them in the left sidebar of the blog.

I didn't ask them about the 11 miles. Maybe a training race for a half-marathon? They ran a strange route -- lots of turns, lots of different roads. Maybe it would have been difficult for them to add another two miles to their route. If I had planned the route, I would have had them stay on the parkway and go further south, with just one detour into a neighborhood.