Saturday, September 20, 2008

Status report on north extension of Jordan River Parkway (Utah)

On Thursday I saw that the workmen had laid road base and were compressing it with a large roller. Today, I began my run by running north on the new segment of the Parkway. The workers were not on site today, so I had freedom to run the entire path to see how the work was progressing.

The compacted road base lasted for 0.19 miles. After that there was road base laid, but it wasn't leveled or compacted. I followed the path for a total distance of 0.37 miles where I was stopped by a wire gate that was closed across the path. I could look past the gate and see that the dirt had been removed, so I think the dirt has been removed all the way to the border of West Jordan City.

I think that the road base and compaction phase will be completed by midweek week after next. Then a week will be needed for paving, and a week for cleanup. Thus, I'm guessing the work will be finished by mid-October. The contract deadline is the end of October.

As I ran the new segment, I saw bicycle tracks in the dirt, so I wasn't the first "user" on the new path. I might have been, however, the first runner.