Thursday, October 09, 2008

Another update on the northward segment of the Jordan River Parkway

As I expected, they've paved the rest of the path. I had thought the path went all the way to the border of West Jordan City, but one of the workmen told me today that they still have about 100 yards to go. The remaining part has been dug and the black "cloth" laid on the ground. Also, some roadbase has been put on the cloth. They still need to add more roadbase, level and compress it, and pave it. When I talked with the workmen, they were installing a fence to keep the horses that I've mentioned in previous posts from getting into the Parkway.

I noticed that next to the dam at the end of the Parkway path, water was being diverted into an irrigation canal. There are quite a few irrigation canals that traverse the Salt Lake valley.