Saturday, October 11, 2008

Finished the week with a 6.5 mile run on the Jordan River Parkway

I've slept well the past two nights, and my wakeup heart rate was down to 54. A storm front is going through the area this weekend. The sky was overcast during my run, and the temperature was in the low 40s (F). I saw snow flurries a few minutes before I left home, but they were gone by the time I started my run, and the only "storm" during my run was a light sprinkle of rain. It was a great running day. I didn't measure my pace, but I felt stronger today, and I think I ran a slightly higher pace. I didn't carry water on the run because of the cool temperature. I picked up litter along the trail, stuff that was blown in. People who use the Parkway are pretty good about putting trash in the bins along the path.