Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ran an enjoyable 5 miles as it was getting dark

When I started the run, the sun was down but there was still plenty of light to see things. However, after I finished the 1 1/2 mile new segment of the path and started south on the older path, it was starting to get dark. I enjoyed the run. I've been sitting at my computer for most of the day, and it felt good to get out and move around.

I didn't take my wakeup heart rate this morning because I only had about 4 hours sleep each of the past two nights, and I knew my heart rate would be high. I took a two-hour nap before my run, and that helped. I felt pretty good during the first 3 1/2 miles and then got a bit tired. However, I finished the five miles OK and felt fine even though I was a little bit tired.

I wore long pants and my wind breaker jacket during the run because I knew the temperature would drop once the sun was down. I was a little warm during the first part of the run but felt fine during the last part when it was dark. I forgot to check the temperature when I left home, but it was probably in the low 50s (F) or high 40s.