Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Update on northward Jordan River Parkway path

The new path on the Jordan River Parkway that goes north from 9800 South is almost finished. The workmen have finished the two-strand barbed wire fence, and the farmer's horses were grazing peacefully in their pasture when I ran the path this afternoon. The workmen have put dirt/gravel along most of the edges of the path to fill in the 4-inch drop-off from the top of the asphalt to the ground, giving a nice slope from the asphalt to the ground. They are putting wood chips on the dirt added to the edges to give a natural looking finish to the path. The path looks very nice and is fun to run. I was told by two workmen that they aren't finishing the last hundred yards or so of the path, because the city didn't buy that land. I don't know if this was a mistake by South Jordan City or if that part of the path is actually in West Jordan City. At any rate, I expect they will be finished with their contract with South Jordan City when I do my next run on Saturday.

While I was running south of 9800 South, I stopped to talk with one of the Park Rangers. He asked me what I thought of the new path, and I told him it was "great".