Monday, November 09, 2009

Ran/walked the 3.3 miles again

I did the 3.3 miles again. It was an OK run, but my energy level wasn't great. I ran in the mid afternoon and didn't eat breakfast due to thinking I would be going out in the morning. For lunch I had two fried eggs and toast and OJ, a couple of hours before I went out. My wakeup heart rate was 55 this morning, a good sign that I'm getting close to my proper amount of sleep. Another nice day with temps in the mid 50s (F).


Jennifer said...

I had an old lower back injury flare up and was unable to run for SEVERAL days. Fortunately I fought through the circumstance and ran over 3 miles yesterday!!! I really needed the mental release. Glad to see your heart rate is at a good place.