July 31, 2009

Running literally saved my life

If you go back in this blog and read forward from May 19, 2004 you'll find out that my wife and I were in a serious auto accident and that I spent three weeks in the ICU, mostly in an induced coma. Twice the doctors called my family in because they didn't think I'd make it. I did make it, and after I left the ICU I went to another hospital for therapy. Each time a new nurse would come into the room, the nurse would say, "So, you're the runner I've heard about". In the months that followed the accident, I had surgery for a double hernia, six months of surgery for 10 Basal Cell skin cancers on my head, and my gall bladder removed. One of the cancers was as big around as a golf ball and 1/4 inch deep. I've had an interesting comeback with my running. Two years after the auto accident I ran the Great Salt Lake Half Marathon.

In the middle of January 2009 I ran 7 miles on Saturday and finished a 23-mile week. Two days later I could only walk 100 feet before I had to sit down and rest. I was attacked by a million blood clots (well not quite that many). I gained about 38 pounds of water-weight from swelling in my legs and thighs. I'm still recovering from those clots, and my weekly mileage currently is 4 1/2 miles, about half walking and half running.

I'm glad to be alive and I'm glad to still be running!

July 30, 2009

Added 0.1mile to my 1.5 mile run/walk

My wakeup heart rate was 56 this morning. I felt pretty good and was on the path by 9:15. I ran and walked the 1.5 miles like I've been doing, and I added a bit at the end. Being out early was nice -- lower temperature and more shade. Also, I carried two bottles (1 cup each) of water and drank about half of it during my run. After I finished, I drank most of what was left.

July 28, 2009

Ran and walked the 1.5 in mid-day heat

It was about noon when I did the 1.5 mile course, and even though I drank water before I left home, I could tell I needed additional water. I guess it's time to get my FuelBelt out. I'll start with two bottles of water and see how that goes. The shade temperature was in the low 80s (F) and probably in the mid 90s in the sun. Most of the path at this time of day is in the sun.

My wakeup pulse rate was 63 this morning, even though I had good sleep last night.

Visited my doctor yesterday

Yesterday morning I called the Coumadin Clinic and talked with them about my doctor wanting me to take 4 gm of fish oil (28 gm per week) and 125 mg of Niacin per day (875 mg per week). The lady explained that in order to change my amounts of Wafarin (genetic Coumadin) they need a prescription showing the amounts of fish oil and Niacin I should be taking. Then they can adjust the Warfarin to keep my INR number in the range of 2-3. So, I visited my doctor yesterday afternoon, and she faxed a prescription to the Coumadin Clinic. On the way home I checked several stores for 125 mg of Niacin but only found 500 mg amounts. Today I searched the web and ordered two bottles of 125 mg Niacin. I'm curious to find out if getting my good and bad cholesterol levels where they belong will affect my energy level and my recovery from the blood clots.

July 25, 2009

Ran and walked the 1.5 miles again

Last week my wakeup pulse was in the low 60s. This week it has been in the high 50s, not a big improvement but a significant one.

My body and legs still feel tired as I run. I had a blood test last week to check my cholesterol level. The good news is that my total cholesterol was below 200 (182), but the bad news is that my bad cholesterol is high and my good cholesterol is low. The doctor said to take 4 grams of fish oil per day and to eat 1/2 cup of nuts daily. Also, she said to take 125 mg of Niacin daily. And, to get more exercise. Concerning my possibly being anemic, the doctor said to continue my iron supplements for another 4 1/2 weeks and then have my blood tested again to see if my blood is improved. Taking the fish oil and Niacin will interfere with my taking Coumadin to reduce the clotting of my blood, and on Monday I will talk with the Coumadin Clinie people about that.

July 13, 2009

I've had a long rest; now, back to running

I ran and walked the 1.5 miles again. The running part was 0.8 miles. I felt fine and enjoyed being out. Last week my wakeup pulse rate was 62, and I felt pretty tired. Today the wakeup pulse rate was 56, still high from my normal of 50, but low enough that I could run OK.

I talked for a few minutes with a man I've seen on the Parkway several times. He rides an electric motor-scooter-chair, and he has a small dog that rides with him. He is a few months older than me. He gets about 20 miles on a charge of his battery. He has a special rig on the back of his SUV that holds the chair. He just drives on the rig, gets off the chair, presses a button to automatically fasten the chair to the rig and raise the chair a foot or so off the ground. Then he and his dog get in his truck and drive away. He can walk around his house OK, and he can drive OK. He just can't walk long distances. It's nice that he has found a way to travel on the Parkway and enjoy the outdoors.

July 8, 2009

Aborted my run after about 700 feet

I started my run but aborted after a few hundred feet. I feel really tired. My daughter-in-law is a nurse, and she said persons on Coumadin often are anemic (the symptoms of being anemic include being tired). I'm going to start an iron supplement and then have my blood tested in a week when I go in for a cholesterol test.

The good news for today is that my weight is down to 166 pounds (my normal is 162 pounds), and that 4 pounds extra could be due to my diet, swelling, or both. The bad news for today is that my wakeup pulse this morning was 62 (my normal is 50). That pulse reading means my body is very tired for some reason. With the exception of one night last weekend, I've been sleeping well during the past week. Last night I had a good, solid 8 hours.

July 2, 2009

1.5 miles of mostly walking

I completed the 1.5 miles but walked most of it. My body was really tired and I just ran a small amount. I'm going to take a few days off for rest.