Saturday, January 09, 2010

Ran with some walking 2 miles today

I did my 2-mile course on the Jordan River Parkway this afternoon. This is the same course that I did on Tuesday, but I did significantly more running today. Almost twice as much running. The temperature was 33 (F) when I left home, and the sky was overcast. I wore three layers and felt about right once I was warmed up. The next few days should be warmer, but more snow is forecast for Tuesday evening. I didn't see any walkers or runners, and I guess that the people I usually see on a Saturday afternoon were home snoozing in front of their fireplace :)


Jennifer said...

I went out today too. I am not conditioned for the frigid temperatures, but I dressed in layers and went at the peak of the day for maximum warmth. Once I started and got warmed was great!

Thank you for your blog.

Allen said...

You're welcome, Jennifer! Wearing layers was the exact thing you should have done.