Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another great run, even if it was snowing....

About an hour after I got up, it started snowing, not just a flurry but a heavy snow. The outside temperature was in the mid 30s (F), and I knew the snow wouldn't stay on the ground. I changed into my running pants and started stretching. By the time I finished the stretches, the snow was slowing down. And, by the time I reached the Jordan River Parkway and started to run, the snow had stopped. But, after I had gone half a mile, the snow started again and continued throughout my run. After the run, I stretched and then drove home, and the snow had stopped by the time I got home. Such are Utah storms in the Spring. Short and unpredictable.

My wakeup heart rate was 58. During my 2 mile run, I ran the 30:30 ratio and felt fine during and after the run.