Saturday, April 24, 2010

Going to practice what I preach about running

I ran 3 miles today, doing 15:15 segments. As I've commented in this blog during the past couple of weeks, I've been getting pretty tired during my runs. Part of the problem is that I'm probably not fully recovered from my blood clots. Also, when I switched to Galloway's 30:30 ratio of running and walking, I felt like I was going faster that I had been going. I've been saying for years that, since we're not competitive runners, we should run at a comfortable LSD pace such that we feel fine during and after the run. I haven't been doing that; I've felt tired during and after my runs, lately.

Currently, I feel fine up to about 7/8 of a mile, and then I start feeling tired. By two miles, I'm definitely tired. So, I think I will reduce my distance to two miles and continue to run a 30:30 ratio. When I reach the point where I feel fine at two miles, I'll start to increase my distance, but I'll use smaller increases than I've been doing. My increases have varied from a 25% increase to 17%, and those increases are all significantly larger than the 10% or less increases that historically I've been making.

So, back to two miles and smaller and less often increases, and I'll see how things go.


Bob Babinski said...


you might enjoy another post about runner Melodie Sullivan on the Good4sports blog.


Allen said...

Thanks, Bob! Melodie is truly an inspiration to all of us. To imagine all that she has been through since her accident, and then to cap it all with a PB at Boston. Wow! What a runner. What a person!