Thursday, April 22, 2010

I felt a little stronger during my run today

I continued my running with another 3.5 miles. I did most of the run with a 15:15 ratio of running and walking (22 steps running and 16 steps walking). Sometimes I would forget to count my walking steps and would go more than 16 steps. I did sit down twice for a minute each time. Everything being considered, I felt better today that I did on Monday. I'm not too concerned whether I do the exact number of steps or not. Usually I do, but if I run or walk longer or shorter that is OK. The main thing is that I do relatively short segments of running or walking.

I'm keeping my distance at 3.5 miles for a while so my body can adjust to the increases in distance that I've been making. Those increases have been more than 10%, and my body has been slower to adjust than it probably would have been if I had limited my increases to 10% or less.

I'm really enjoying this nice Spring weather. The temperature in the late afternoon when I ran was in the 50s (F). A great day!