Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I ran 2 1/8 miles again

A 3-year old grandson, Jonathan, is visiting us for a couple of days. This morning we all drove to the South Jordan East pavilion. I ran my alternating 30 seconds of running and walking while my wife and Jonathan walked the same path. They stopped at a fishing pond, and I continued down the path to look at the construction of a bridge across the Jordan River at 114th South. The bridge is completed, and the workers are working on the access to the bridge and a continuation of the road west. The workers are also working on an exit off I15 to 114th South and on the segment from the river to the canal at approximately 1300 West. After I finished my run, we watched Jonathan play on the slides that are near the pavilion, and then we drove home.

The temperature was in the 60s (F), and there was lots of sunshine with beautiful clouds in the sky. A great spring day. Yesterday, though, we had about 2 inches of snow. The air temperature was in the high 30s, and the snow didn't last long. We usually don't have snow this late in the Spring.


Jenna said...

Sounds like an awesome run and a great time with your grandson. Can't wait to see what other updates you post on this blog.