Monday, May 10, 2010

My knee feels fine now

My knee was sore all day Sunday, and I put Arnica on my right knee several times during Sunday and today and also took Aarnica orally. The knee has felt fine today. No soreness, and I can walk up and down stairs with no problems. I had thought I'd handle the 5K run on Saturday OK, because I had been doing more than that in my regular runs. But, I guess my faster speed meant that I could only handle a shorter distance. I'm glad the knee feels fine now, because that implies there isn't an injury. I just have to give my body more time to get used to the faster speed. I expect to be running tomorrow for 2 miles, and I'll see how that goes.

We had rain last night and during the day today. Rain is forecast every day until Thursday. We need the water and the cool temperatures, so I'm not complaining. My wife planted some cold-weather crops a couple weeks ago, and the plants have broken through the soil: carrots, bush peas, and maybe lettuce (I'm not sure about the lettuce).


robison52 said...

Ran my first day on the treadmill this season due to 50 mph gusts in Vegas, felt pain on the outside of my right hip, nothing serious as I can walk, but thinking about trying your Arnica remedy for actually use it orally too?!?

jodi said...

Wow, I'd not heard of Arnica before reading about your experience. As someone who's currently having a knee issue, I'm thinking this is right up my alley! Thank you!

Allen said...

Hi Bruce & Jodi,

It's unlikely a drug store will have Arnica, so you'll probably have to go to a health-food store. It comes in a tube of cream, a tube of gel, and something else which I don't remember. The cream and gel both soak into your skin in just a few minutes, and I've had success with both. The something else takes longer to soak in, so I don't use it. It does work fine, though.

Bruce, the Arnica for oral use is not in a tube. Depending on which company made it, it comes as small round sugar pills or larger sugar pills. The Arnica is diluted and put into the sugar pills. Because it is diluted, you have to be careful to not pollute the pills by touching them; oil from your fingers may overshadow the Aarnia. Just pore 3-4 pills into the lid and dump them into your mouth. Quickly use your tongue to move the pills under your tongue and then let them dissolve and be absorbed into your body. Also because they are diluted, don't eat or brush your teeth right before or after you take the remedy. The basic rule of thumb is to take them 15 or more minutes before you eat or an hour or more after you eat. This is to keep the flavor in your food from overshadowing the diluted remedy.

Homeopathic remedies are a controversy, and most doctors poo poo them since the doctors were trained to use drugs. I've used homeopathic remedies for over 30 years and have had good success with them. The purpose of a homeopathic remedy is not to cure a disease or something, but to be a catalyst to get your body activated to cure itself.

The tubes of cream or gel aren't diluted very much, so you can use your fingers to apply them to your skin.

50 mph, wow! Put on roller blades and get a sail, you'd really move.