Thursday, August 05, 2010

Another 3 1/4 mile run

I didn't get out until 11 am, and even though I felt tired, I ran the 3 1/4 miles again. The temperature had been in the 70s (F) earlier in the morning due to clouds, but the clouds were gone and the temperature was in the 80s when I ran. I took several rest stops on shady benches and almost aborted my run at the 1 1/3 mile marker. But, I decided to continue to the turnaround point.

The reason I was tired was that I didn't get much sleep Tuesday night. I woke up after 2 hours sleep and couldn't go back to sleep. During Wednesday afternoon I did take a 3-hour nap, and that helped me finish the day. I did feel weak during Wednesday, though, and my stomach felt unsettled.

I'm not sure why I didn't sleep well Tuesday night. I'm worried that it might have been the extra distance that I've been running. I slept well during the days I ran 3 miles, and the 1/4 mile I added was less than 10%, but maybe my body wasn't ready for it. I slept fine last night, but one night's sleep isn't enough to recover from a sleep deficit. My wakeup heart rate was 58 this morning, indicating my body was tired. My run confirmed that my body was quite tired.