Monday, August 09, 2010

Low water, golf balls, sun flowers and the Jordan River Parkway

The level of the water in the river is lower than it has been, and the sand bars in the middle of the river have reappeared; I saw about a dozen ducks sleeping on one sand bar.

I found another golf ball next to the path and threw it back onto the golf course. That ball wasn't on the ground when I passed that point going south. It was there as I passed the point going north, so it hadn't been there very long. That is the sixth golf ball that I've found in the last couple of years. The first ball that I found almost hit me. It came across the Jordan River and landed on the path about 10 feet in front of me.

A year ago there were lots of sun flowers growing near the path. This year, though, there are almost no sun flowers. I don't know if the lack of sun flowers is due to the cool spring we had, or to some other reason. There should be a lot of seeds on the ground from last year. Maybe those seeds will sprout next year.