Saturday, August 07, 2010

My 3 1/4 mile run was hot but nice

I did sleep well last night. My wakeup heart rate was 57, still high from sleep deficit but going down. I ran the 3 1/4 route again and enjoyed the run. The shade temperature was in the 80s (F) when I left and 94 when I returned. I had most of my 4th bottle of water left when I finished, and I poured it over my head when I entered the tunnel under 98/100th South to do my stretches at the end of my run.

There were quite a few youngsters on bikes doing a race of some kind. I gave them a thumbs up as they passed me going north (I was going south) but they just ignored me as they went past. However, on my way back, they passed me again as they headed south, and many of them waved at me or smiled as they went past. I gave them all thumbs up. I talked with an adult who was bringing up the rear looking for stragglers, and he said the kids were doing a triathlon. Earlier they had swam 50 yards at a local gym. Then they ran, about half a mile, and now they were doing the bike part for a mile and a half. They are about 6-8 years old.