Tuesday, August 03, 2010

This blog is listed in "42 Blogs on How to Live a Healthy Life"

I just received an email stating that this blog is included in a list of 42 blogs about living a healthy life.


This list is centered on food and diet and life style, and the blogs in the list look interesting and well worth ones time to browse. My wife and I try to live a healthy life style. Thanks to our religion, we don't smoke or drink alcohol or tea or coffee. We have two gardens during the summer and try to eat organic foods, including eggs and milk. I don't do very well in eating a large variety of veggies, so I take supplements.

I'm really just an average runner, but running in my 70s seems to be a novelty, and I'm getting into quite a few lists of blogs -- all due to my age. Each person needs to find some way in which he/she is unique, and my way is to run into and (hopefully) through my old age.