Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Completed the 3.75 mile run...sorta

I finished the 3.75 mile distance, but I walked most of the last mile. The shade temperature was 89 (F) when I left home. The temperature in direct sun would have been 110 or higher. I ran at mid day, and most of the Parkway path at mid day is in direct sun. I carried water (1 cup per mile) and used it, but it was still hot. When I reached the last mile, I could tell I had no energy, and I walked most of that mile, doing a bit of jogging at the first of the mile. I have a slight cold, and that probably has reduced my energy-level. There are two reasons I get colds -- pushing myself too hard in my running, and not getting enough sleep. My problem has been the sleep. I've been getting 5-5 1/2 hours each night, and I need 7 hours. My sleep deprivation finally caught up with me, and my nose started dripping yesterday afternoon. I've been waking up about 7 am regardless of the time I went to bed :(