Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nice 3.75 mile run and a golf-ball paradise

I did the 3.75 course again and used the 90/66 left-foot steps, alternating running and walking, all the way. I ran at mid day as I did last Wednesday, and the temperature was about the same 89-90 (F). The results were quite different, though. Today I enjoyed the run and felt pretty good. Because of the heat, I didn't push myself. I took several rest stops, and I drank my four cups of water.

I found 7 golf balls during the run. The first ball was on my way out, and the ball was on the edge of the path. On the way back, I saw another ball that was a few feet from the path. I crawled under the railing lining the path and got the ball. Then I saw another ball a few feet away and further into the trees. I got that and saw another one a few more feet away, still in the trees. I ended up getting 6 balls in those trees. I tossed them onto the golf course. I had one ball left to toss when a dad and two 5-6 year old sons came into view. I tossed the last ball close by them and yelled that there were more balls over about 20 feet away. The sons gathered up the balls. All together I've found around 12 or 13 golf balls in the past four years of running the Jordan River Parkway.