Thursday, September 09, 2010

Ran 3.75 miles again and ran longer segments

I ran 3.75 miles again. I felt pretty good before I started the run, and I decided to increase the length of my running and walking segments. For quite a while I've been doing 30 seconds running and 30 seconds walking (45 left-foot-steps running and 33-left-foot-steps walking). Last week I increased the segments to 70 lf-steps running and 45 lf-steps walking. Today I went to 90 lf-steps running and 66 lf-steps walking. That is double what I've been doing for quite a while. This shows my endurance is getting better.

I felt fine during the run. I didn't carry water because the shade temperature was in the mid 60s (F) and most of the path was in the shade due to a lot of clouds in the sky. I made no rest stops and only made one water stop (on the way out) to drink from the fountain that I've mentioned in recent posts (no water stops on the way back). All in all, today was one of the best runs I've had in quite a while. I had a good 7 hours sleep last night. My wakeup heart rate was 60, high due to sleep deprivation the past few days. It was a great day for being outside, too!