Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ran 4 miles again, but pretty tired

My wakeup heart rate was 63, high enough that I should have not gone out at all, but I did go out. I felt fine up through the 2 miles to the turn-around point. Going out, I took fewer rest stops than I did yesterday, and I used the 90/66 ratio of running and walking. However, on the way back my body gave out, and I took as many rest stops as I could find benches in the shade. During the last 0.8 miles, I gave up and walked back to the parking lot.

During the past two days, I've only gotten 6 1/2 hours sleep. Today I forgot to eat breakfast or lunch, and I was running with my tank almost empty, so to speak. I ate a few handfuls of Cheerios, and a granola bar before I left, but that didn't give me many calories to run on. It seems like I never learn about eating. I get up thinking I will go run first thing, but I get busy on the computer and end up going out in the afternoon (2 pm today). I keep telling myself I need to get up and go running before I touch the computer, but the urge to read email is too strong. Today I was running tests on FeedBurner, and that kept me busy until I finally left to run. I sound like a teenager who is addicted to email, only now the teens are addicted to texting.

The shade temperature when I left was 79 (F), about the same as during the past few days. It was a beautiful day to be out.


WendyBird said...

I'm guilty of that too. I can't run within a couple of hours of eating so I don't eat more than my wake up snack (coffee and a banana) until I have run. If I get busy with something, it is suddenly noon or later, I haven't eaten since 6am, and still need to run. I have found drinking some juice or Gatorade to pump up my sugars helps, and I can tollerate a hand full of nuts, some Chia seeds, or a spoonful of peanut butter with a little honey. It is definitely better to get out there eary, but nobody is perfect :-)

Allen said...

Well, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who runs in the afternoon with little to eat since getting up :(
I always eat a couple of handfuls of Cheerios and a granola bar before I run. Dry toast works for me, too. When I lived in Massachusetts, I could eat a whole meal and then go running. I attributed that to the lower elevation and increased oxygen. Now, at 4400 feet elevation, I have to watch what I eat before I run. My age is probably a factor, too.