Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Ran the canal road again

I repeated my run from Monday by running 3.5 miles on the canal maintenance road. The shade temperature was about 85 (F) during the run. My wakeup heart rate was high, about 60. I got more sleep last night, about 7 hours, but I've been in a sleep-deficit during the past week; that deficit and my mowing my lawns probably made my heart rate increase. Mowing my lawns is more tiring than my running 3.5 miles. I felt tired during the run today and did extra walking, especial in shady spots. I was out about 11 am and missed breakfast again, but I did eat a few handfuls of Cheerios before I left. I didn't take water with me, and I started getting a mile headache. Since I had no water to drink, I rested a minute or two in shady spots to help my body dissipate some heat.