Monday, September 20, 2010

Reduced my distance to 3.5 miles for running

I felt pretty good when I started, but by the time I had gone about 1 1/3 miles, I could tell my legs were getting tired. I ran to the 1.75 mile marker, taking a couple of rests, and then turned around. My body felt OK, but my legs felt tired. On the way back, I reduced my running and walking from 90/66 left-foot steps to 45/33, and that helped a lot. I was out a couple of hours earlier than I've been going out, and the air was cooler and there was more shade on the path. I took quite a few rests on the way back and didn't push myself. As I've said before, in hot weather I run to survive :)

I found another golf ball and threw it back on the golf course. The ball rolled up to the center of the green, and I thought to myself that it would be neat if I got a "hole in one". But, I didn't. When I left, the ball was visible in the center of the green, but on my way back I couldn't see the ball. I hope the person who got it appreciated a "free" ball.

I only got about 5 hours sleep Saturday night (had to get up early Sunday morning for a 7 am meeting), but I took a nap Sunday evening and got a good 7 hours Sunday night.


Old Runningfox. said...

Hi there,
Enjoyed reading your Blog. There aren't many of us oldies left running! Good luck to you in your 5K race this weekend.

Allen said...

We're oldies but goodies....

I'll be running the 5K as a training run with (hopefully) no attempt for speed. My grandson is taking swimming lessons, and the race is sponsored by the group giving the lessons. They're encouraging the swimmers to recruit for the race, and I entered the race as his "recruit".