Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another great running day and another 4.4 miles

The shade temperature was in the mid 50s (F) when I left home, and the sun had only been up for an hour. Today was a wonderful day for running! I continued raising my knees a little higher, and I tried to lean slightly forward (from my ankles not my waist). I also started increasing each segment of running by going from 90 to 95 left foot steps (lfs) and taking the 66 lfs walking that I've been doing. This worked fine until I got into my last mile. I began getting tired, and I switched to 45 lfs running and 40-50 lfs walking. I didn't take any rest stops, but I did get a drink from the fountain on my way back.


robison52 said...

Since I've been doing 5k and 10k races as well as training for the marathon I've been raising my knees higher on my speedwork like intervals and tempo runs, but on my long runs I've been keeping my feet low to the ground. Seems to work for me.

Allen said...

As you've pointed out, Bruce, the key thing for each person has to find out what works for him/her.

I'm a natural shuffler, and I've had problems with my feet scraping the ground as I run. I've mentioned that I'm raising my feet a bit, but I'm still shuffling, just not quite as much. It seems to be working for me.