Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The bridge at 11400 South is finished

I found out this morning from a friend, who uses a motorized wheel chair to travel the Jordan River Parkway, that the new bridge across the Jordan River at 114th South is finished and is open to walkers, runners, etc. but not to vehicular traffic. My friend said the path I've been running goes under the bridge and then up to the bridge. On the other side (east) of the river, the path continues south and connects to the old path. In the past I've mentioned a big hill that is part of a detour around some private land. The new path on the east side of the river bypasses that detour. I'll miss the big hill though. It was a great training hill. I need to go check out the bridge and the new path, because I'm concerned about running across the new bridge once vehicular traffic is allowed.