Saturday, October 16, 2010

I checked out the new Jordan River Parkway path at 11400 South

There is a new non-vehicle bridge across the Jordan River just south of the new bridge for vehicles. The Parkway goes under the new vehicle bridge and turns left onto the new non-vehicle bridge. The path then goes south through the city of Draper and finally joins the old path at a non-vehicle bridge that connects Draper and the city of Riverton. There are large playgrounds on both sides of the river at that point. So, now the Jordan River Parkway is continuous and finished from 14600 South north to 9400 South at the boundary of the cities of West Jordan and South Jordan.

I'm glad the Parkway doesn't use the new vehicle bridge, because it would be dangerous for all if runners, walkers, cyclists, roller bladers, etc. were mixed in with automobiles, trucks, and buses on the bridge.