Monday, October 11, 2010

An OK 4.4 mile run but not as good as my previous run

My wakeup heart rate was 55, and I felt pretty good. The sky was cloudy and the temperature was in the 60s (F), so it was a good day for running. I felt fine during the the first 2/3 of the run, but doing the last part I was tired and did more walking relative to my running, although during the last 1/8 mile, I felt less tired than I had felt during the middle part of the run. I've been getting about 6 1/2 hours sleep, close but not quite enough.

I remember a few weeks ago when I was running 3 miles. When I reached the turnaround point, I felt tired. Now, when I go past that turnaround point, I feel great. This shows that my body is getting stronger.

On my next increase in distance, I'd like to add 0.6 miles to put my distance up to 5 miles. We'll  see how it goes when I make my next increase.


Grammie Brown said...

You are doing great! You are such an inspiration!