Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Riverton students studying the Jordan River and playing sports

As I ran past the East Pavilion, I saw a lot of students from Riverton who were having an outing at the East Pavilion. I saw one group of about 20 students at the basketball court, two groups were at the Jordan River, one group was playing volleyball, one group was being taught by a teacher holding a picture, and one group was sitting on the lawn talking. The students came in three school buses. It looked like a combination of sports and nature study.

I'm reminded of the time my wife and I helped chaperone a school outing to Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts not far from the Connecticut border. At the conclusion of our visit, we boarded our buses and headed back to the middle school. The other bus never appeared at the school. When that bus reached I90, it turned the wrong way and headed toward western Massachusetts. We went to our homes hoping the driver realized his mistake. This was quite a few years ago, and the buses were not equipped with two-way radios.