Monday, January 17, 2011

Ran 5 miles again -- same route

We've had warm days (above freezing at least), and most of the snow is melted. I ran the same 5 miles that I ran on Saturday, and almost all of the ice patches on the path are gone. I noticed while going out that there was a lot of water on the path, but coming back I noticed the water was mostly evaporated, and there were a few dry spots on the asphalt. My body felt about the same that it had on Saturday. I did 112 left-foot-steps running and 66 lfs walking. There were a lot of runners, walkers, and cyclists on the path.

The temperature was in the high 50s (F) when I left home and the mid 50s when I returned. I wore three layers, but I removed my nylon jacket after 2 miles. The sky was cloudy with patches of sun and patches of shade. No noticeable wind was blowing. The temperature inversion that we've had for about a week is gone, and the air was clear and the snow capped mountains were beautiful. The tops of the mountains, though, were in the clouds. The highest peak, Mt. Timpanogos, is 11,500 feet high, about a mile above the valley.

Later: the weather forecast during the evening news said today's temp was 15 degrees (F) above normal. Tomorrow will be more of the same. On Wednesday, a new storm front will pass through the area, and temps will drop to the mid or high 30s.