September 22, 2014

Ran 2.2 miles on the Jordan River Parkway

Judy and I went north from 100th South. Instead of going to the bench at the south end of the Sandy golf course, we went north for our customary 2 miles, and I then added about 10% to up my distance a bit. We left in the late morning and returned to our car about noon. I didn't take any rest breaks going out and only one coming back. This was not because I didn't need the breaks but because there aren't any benches on the northern route.

September 20, 2014

Ran/walked 2 miles

I ran my southern route this morning on the Jordan River Parkway again. Nothing outstanding occurred, although I did see a lot of quail.

September 17, 2014

Ran another 2 miles, grateful for the shade

Today has been a hot day. The afternoon temperature was in the low 90s (F). I ran my 2-mile route, going south from 100th South. Because I ran in the late afternoon (around 5:30 pm), there was a lot of shade on the path, and I was grateful for all of it. When I ran in the sun, the sun felt burning, but when I ran in the shade, the temperature was noticeably lower. I took quite a few short (about 40 seconds) rest stops to avoid getting overly tired as I ran. I kept my running/walking schedule during my run, doing 20 seconds each.

After I finished my run, I sat in my car for a few minutes eating a protein bar, and people from the police academy showed up for their timed run. They started their run shortly before I drove away.

September 15, 2014

Ran/walked 2 miles and walked another 1/2 mile

I was curious about the new tunnel under 90th South that was constructed by West Jordan City, so my wife and I drove down 90th South to look the situation over. We didn't see anything obvious, so we parked at the Sandy golf course and went north on our run/walk. We found the tunnel, next to a canal that goes north. The closest parking to the tunnel is the driving range on 90th South. We continued running and walking through the tunnel and went north on the Jordan River Parkway until we reached the one-mile mark, and then we returned to our car at the golf course. I didn't start my GPS until we had gone about 1/4 mile, and that accounts for the extra 1/2 mile that I show in the title to this post. The portion of the Jordan River Parkway that we traversed today is sorta dreary -- not much greenery and right next to a big electrical setup on 90th South next to the golf driving range.

I only had 6 hours sleep last night, and that was interrupted every hour when I woke up and drank water. I didn't have much energy today and was glad to get back to my car.

September 13, 2014

Ran/walked 2 miles, walked another 0.6 mile

My wife (Judy) and I parked at the 100th Street trail head and went north. Judy wanted to look at some new houses that were being built, so we took a small detour to see the houses. We then continued going north, stopping at the old apple tree to pick some apples. The apples are small this year, so we each took 3 of them. When we reached the Sandy golf course, we went north instead of east.  West Jordan has built a new tunnel under 90th South, but we turned around before we reached it. In order to reach the tunnel, we need to get our distance up to 3-4 miles.

I felt stronger today and did better in my running and walking. When I returned (2.6 miles), I felt about the same as I did last week after 1.8 or 1.9 miles. I'm doing well in getting 7 hours of sleep each night, and that extra sleep helps me increase my distance.

The following map of the trail, showing the routes I usually run, is from the web. The map is old and shows the detour at the Sandy  (River Oaks) golf course to the light at 7th West and 90th South and then along 7th West until it goes back to the Jordan River. The trailhead, where I usually park, at 100th South, is slightly above the head of the bird and about 1.3 inches to the right of the head of the bird. It is marked Shields Lane Trailhead, although that is hard to read because of the small size of the map. Click the image for a larger and more readable view. If I go south, I'll reach the tunnel under 106th South (shown on the map as the South Jordan Parkway). The exchange between 106th South and I15 is shown about 3/4 inch above the triangle notice about dumping.

September 10, 2014

Ran two miles but was tired

I woke up Wednesday morning and felt pretty good. I dressed for running and hoped my body was recovered from mowing my lawns yesterday. Last week I changed my running/walking ratio from 20 seconds each to 15 seconds each. The reason for the change was to prevent my body from getting quite so tired while I mowed my lawn.

My wife and I drove to the 100th South trail head of the Jordan River Parkway and went north. I felt pretty good when I started, but by the time I reached my turnaround point (1 mile) I was starting to get tired. I walked the last half mile and visited with my wife as we talked. I guess my body wasn't as recovered as I thought. But, running or walking, When I mowed my lawn on Tuesday, my body got really tired, and I had to take several rest stops to finish the mowing, But, when I ran on Wednesday, it was my feet that got tired rather than my body. Sometimes when I run, it's my feet that limit my distance. Other times it's my body, and sometimes it's both. I'm just glad I went out Wednesday and moved my body. Walking is actually safer than running, because the jolts to ones body are smaller, and the resulting injury rate for walking is less than for running. There is a tendency for runners to look down on walkers, when it really should be the other way around. I view walkers as my brothers and sisters in exercise, and I recommend that people do what they really enjoy, whether it's running, walking, cycling, skating, swimming, hiking, chasing grand kids, dancing, or what ever. Keep that body moving and enjoy it!

The following cartoon of a guy mowing his lawn was taken from the web.

September 6, 2014

Ran 1 mile this time

My wife and I went south from the 100th South trailhead. She walked her 2 miles, but I only did 1 mile. It was around 7 pm when we start our workout, and I was tired. I could have forced myself to go an additional mile, but that would have made my recovery longer with the danger that I would still be tired on Monday.

September 4, 2014

Ran another 2 miles, different route

About 6:30 pm, my wife and I drove to the South Jordan East Pavilion and then ran/walked north instead of south. There were a lot of people on the path, and we enjoyed being out in relatively cool weather. The temperature was in the mid to high 70s (F). The sun was still above the Oquirrh Mountains when we began, but it was below the mountains when we finished. Even though the sun was down, we had plenty of light to see the trail. It was nice to run a route that we haven't used very much. I'm considering driving about 5 or 6 miles to the city of Murray and running that section of the Parkway path. I've run it before, but my wife hasn't.

September 2, 2014

Another 2 miles

I was on the trail at 7:30 this morning. The temperature was 56 (F) when I left home and 61 when I returned. I noticed, in the parking lot, a SUV that was pulling a large trailer.  There was a four-wheel hand wagon parked next to the trailer. As soon as I got on the Parkway path, I saw a film crew shooting film of a runner. The runner would run about 100 feet and then the shooting would stop. I heard the director's voice say something, and the runner repeated his run for another shot. This happened several times before I continued my run. When I returned from my 2 miles, the file crew and their SUV and its trailer were gone.

I felt pretty good during my run, although I did take three brief rest stops (one on the way out and two on the way back). It's amazing how one feels after a 45-second rest stop. I've been using a run/walk ratio of 40 seconds each. I thought I'd try a shorter ratio and changed my timer for 15 seconds each. I'll use that ratio for several runs to get a good idea of the effect on my body of shorter runs and walks. My initial impression, though, is positive. After 15 seconds of running, my body still feels fine, and I take a 15 second walk to help my body recover. Thus, I never felt tired during my run.

There were quite a few cyclists, walkers, and runners using the trail. Before my run, I started my stretches, and the sun hadn't come over the Wasatch Mountains, but by the time I finished my stretches and backed my car out of my garage, the sun was up. I love the Fall time of year. Cooler temperatures, dry air, and very pleasant being outside.

On my way back, I saw two deer go across the path and disappear into the trees. Neither deer had antlers. One deer was larger than the other deer, so they may have been a doe and her faun. The Jordan River is shallow, and the deer had crossed the river to see if the "grass" is greener on the other side of the river. It's been a couple of years since I last saw deer in this vicinity. The last time I saw a deer in the river, he was just standing there looking at me. The river looked to be about 2 feet deep at that point. During the winter, a lot of deer come down from the mountains looking for food

My wife didn't come with me this morning, because she wanted to be home when our granddaughter came to spend the day with us. My granddaughter was there when I returned, so it was good that my wife was there to greet her.

The following picture was taken from the web.