Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ran 2 miles again

I ran 2 miles in the late afternoon. I took no rest breaks going out but took 2 short breaks coming back. Not many people on the path. Cloudy with no sun to speak of. Temperature was in the low 40s (F), but it felt colder than that. I'm enjoying the extra 10 seconds of walking, compared to what I was doing. I'll keep the 30 seconds/40 seconds for a while.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Did another 2 miles

I felt pretty good today, but I decided to keep my distance this week at 2 miles/run to give my body more time adjusting to the distance. I went running about 2:30 pm. There weren't many people on the path. The temperature was in the mid 30s (F),  with a brisk, gusty wind of about 20 mph. I keep forgetting to wear gloves, and my hands got cold. I put them in my jacket pockets while I walked, and that helped. Last Saturday I increased my walking from 30 seconds to 40 seconds, and my running is still at 30 seconds. I was doing 30 seconds each phase, and the 40 seconds gives me a bit more rest between the running phase.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Final run this week of 2 miles

In the late evening, I ran/walked 2 miles again. The temperature during the run was in the low 40s (F). I took no rest breaks. After I finished, I stopped at a grocery store for a few minutes, and it was dark when I left the store. There weren't many people on the path, probably because of the late hour. Even though I wore long pants and three layers, I was cold during the run and had just begun to get warm when the run was over. Coming back, I had a slight head-wind of about 2 mph. Not much of a wind but enough to reduce the wind-chill a degree or two. When I was younger I would have run in running shorts and two layers on my upper body. Now, I run in long pants and three layers. It's different running as an old man, but listening to ones body is the key to success at any age.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ran/walked 2 miles again

I ran and walked my 2-mile route again, going south from the parking lot at 100th South. On my way out, I didn't see many others on the path, but coming back I saw more cyclists and walkers. I was out earlier in the afternoon while the temperature was still in the low 50s (F). I'll do 2 miles again on Saturday, and then next week, depending on how I feel, I may do approximately 2.2 miles. I felt tired during my run today, and I took two rest breaks going out and three breaks coming back. Each break was about 30-45 seconds long.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Ran/walked 2 miles

I went running in the late afternoon and got back to my car as it was getting dark. I could still see the path fine when I stopped. I ran the 2 miles without any rest breaks, because it was too cold to stop. The temperature was in the low 40s (F), but it seemed colder. There weren't many runners and walkers on the path. Today was a nice day with temperature in the high 40s or low 50s until the sun went behind the mountains and the temperature started to fall. I felt fine when I finished, and I was glad to be out.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Ran/walked 2 miles in the afternoon

I drove to the parking lot at 100th South and went south for 1 mile on the Jordan River Parkway. That took me to the tunnel at 106th South. Then I turned around and returned to my car. Today was a beautiful day, 57 (F), a few clouds in the sky and just a little breeze. It was nice to be out. There were a lot of cyclists and walkers on the path but not many runners.

So far, the month of February has been abnormally warm. Great for running or walking, but during the summer we will pay the price of this nice weather. Our snow in the mountains in Utah is 20% to 50% or so of normal, and this summer will be one without a lot of water for irrigation of our yards and fields. We've been in a drought for several years, and it looks like the drought is continuing.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ran 1 mile as it was getting dark

I went out running in the early evening, just as it was getting dark. It's been 10 days since I last ran, so I only went 1 mile. If I feel pretty good on Saturday, I'll do 2 miles.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Training and Motivation Tips
by Olympian Jeff Galloway

Olympian Jeff Galloway has coached over a million runners to their goals through his clinics, wonderful retreats, training programs, books and e-coaching.  Sign up for his free newsletter at

When paced correctly, running delivers the best attitude boost you can get. Sustain this by pacing yourself gently during the first mile or three.

A well-paced run enhances vitality for the rest of the day.  Start each run at least 30 seconds a mile slower than you will run at the end.

If you have a Run Walk Run strategy that is right for you on that day, it's possible to feel good after every run-even the marathon.

Running is the best stress reliever I've found. Research shows that running tends to activate the conscious brain which over-rides the emotional subconscious brain and manages the negative and anxiety hormones during and after the run.

Research shows that as runners get faster, their stride length shortens.  A quicker cadence is the mechanical key to faster running.

The finishing of a run that is longer than you've run in the last 3 weeks can bestow a sense of achievement that is unique and empowering-due to positive brain circuits that are turned on.

You can't run a long run too slowly or take too many walk breaks.  You'll get the same endurance based upon the distance covered.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Another 2 miles along the Jordan River

Today was a beautiful day for running. Temperature in the low 50s (F), just a slight wind, and a number of people out enjoying themselves. I went south from 100th South to the tunnel under 106th South and then returned (my usual 2 mile route). I'm planning on doing 2 miles on Wednesday and Saturday (if all goes well), and then, if I feel OK, I'll up the distance a bit next week. My wife stayed home, because she is nursing a cold. She is 73, and her energy level is more important to her than an ability to walk through a cold.