Saturday, September 30, 2017

Another 1.95 miles

My wife and I went south from 100th South. I completed the 1.95 miles in about 1 hour; she walked it in less time, because she goes faster than I go. We went in mid afternoon, while the temperature was in the mid 60s (F). It started to sprinkle while we were out, but the rain didn't amount to much.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Did 1.95 miles again

It was late evening when I began my run. I reached my turnaround point before dark, but most of the distance back to my car was in the dark. I walked most of the last 0.25 miles, because of the darkness. I was able to see the path OK, due to nearby office buildings, but I tend to get dizzy in darkness, and I hoped walking was less likely to cause dizziness. I didn't get dizzy and was OK during the run. There were still four cars in the parking lot at 100th South as I left the lot to drive home. A few cyclists passed me in the darkness., and one of them had a blinking LED light that did a good job of making his bike visible, as well as lighting the path.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Went about 1.95 miles

It was late evening when I went running. I went south from 100th South for about 0.97 miles and then I returned to 100th South. It wasn't dark when I ran, but it was dusk, meaning the sun was behind the Oquirrh Mountains but it wasn't dark yet. I felt pretty good and didn't get dizzy during my run. I rested a lot during the day and avoided cutting limbs from trees or mowing my lawns. Judy didn't go with me this time.

Just before I wrote this post, I checked outside and saw rain coming down. The Salt Lake City temperature is in the low 40s (F).

Yesterday, using my chain saw, I cut bigger limbs into shorter lengths, and we put the limbs in our Honda Accord so we could take them to Judy's sister who has a wood-burning stove and is collecting wood. We also put small limbs in plastic bags so they could be put in our garbage can. Both Judy and I were pretty tired when we finished, and we elected to not go running or walking last night.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Walked about 1.9 miles

I felt dizzy when I ran, so I walked for my run, and I went about 1.9 miles, starting about 10:45 am. My wife had left a few minutes before me, and she visited the houses being built. She joined me on the way out, and we walked together for the rest of the distance. I carried two bottles of water and drank about half of the bottles. Most of the shade was gone. The temperature was in the high 70s (F). There was a gusty south wind with gusts of about 15-20 mph. A storm and cooler weather is forecast for the rest of the week.

I didn't do much running last week, because I was busy cutting limbs from trees, and at the end of the day I was too tired to run. After cutting a limb from the tree, I have to pull the limb through other limbs, and that tires me out. I also get tired cutting the limbs because the limbs are several inches in diameter and the cutting require a lot of arm movement.

I cut one big limb and several small limbs before I left to go running, and that may have contributed to my dizziness. I felt fine when I first started cutting the limbs. I use a saw blade on a long, 12-foot handle. The following picture is from the web. At least, I haven't been dumb enough to be like the guy in the picture.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Did About 1.95 miles

I added a bit to my run and did about 1.95 miles. I went north from 100th South and went until the trail split, at the south-west corner of the Sandy golf course building. On the way back, I met my wife who had been looking at the new homes. She turned around and went back with me. Thanks to the shorter days, actually the sun coming up later in the morning, there was quite a lot of shade on the path.

I got dizzy on the way back, and did more walking, and I was dizzy at home while I wrote this blog. The temperature was in the low 70s when we left home and in the low 80s after I got home. I didn't carry water with me, and that may have been part of the problem with my dizziness -- not enough water drunk during my run. I also hadn't eaten any breakfast, and lack of energy may have been part of the problem, although I didn't feel like I had lack of energy.

I saw a family of quail on the way back. It's interesting that the young quail are sticking with their mother, even though they are almost fully grown. I haven't seen the quail in our back yard for a few days, but I haven't been in the yard much, either.

I feel fine now. I've been drinking water since I got home, and I'm resting for a while.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Another 1.9 miles

Judy and I began our run in the late evening; it was almost  dark when I finished. I could still see the path, and there was no problem with the darkness. When we drove away, there were still four cars in the parking lot. Just as I reached my car at the end of my run, a family of four on bikes started northward. They didn't have lights on their bikes, and two children about 5-6 years old were on small bikes. I hope they weren't gone long, because it was getting dark as I drove away.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Did 1.84 miles around the neighborhood

Judy and I were late getting ready for our run/walk, so we went around the neighborhood. I wore my GPS to measure the distance. After 1.1 miles, she went into a neighbor's house to see some remodeling, and I continued my run. As I neared the end of the run, I encountered Judy walking home, and I turned around and came home with her.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Did about 1.9 miles but a different route

Judy and I changed our time of running and went north from 100th south. We were on the trail about 11 am. The shade temperature was in the mid 70s (F) when we left and was in the mid 80s when we returned. The temperature, of course, was higher in the sun, but it was cooler than it was during June and July. Because of our late start, there wasn't a lot of shade. Most of the trees along the river (Russian Olive trees) are on the left of the path and give good shade in the morning, but they give no shade in the afternoon.

I'm going pretty slow -- not a temperature for speed running. Of course, I'm slow in cooler temps, too. Getting old....

I carried three bottles of water but only used two of them. I was glad to take a gulp of water during my walking phases.

The following picture of Russian Olive trees was taken from the web.

Friday, September 1, 2017


It's been a year since I got a pacemaker, and the doctor was right: I'm able to pursue my normal activities. I spent the day yesterday mowing lawns and cutting tree limbs from a tree, and in the evening I went running and walking.

Quail and a snake

I haven't mentioned this before, but I've seen quite a few quail in my backyard and on the Jordan River path. The quail are still sticking together as families, and it is interesting to see them all at once.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a blow snake on the path. It was a young snake and went into the bushes after I lightly tapped it with my shoe. It was finger-size in size and about 15 inches or so in length.

The pictures shown below are from the web.