Monday, October 29, 2018

New schedule of jogs/walks

My wife and I were out walking early this morning (I'm eating breakfast after my walk).

I've decided to change my philosophy of running/walking to go out more often but for shorter distances. I've been going out 3 times per week. Now, I will go out 5 times per week, as shown below, and the weekly mileage will be about 0.4 miles more than that I have been doing: To compensate for the longer distance, I may skip the rest walks on Tuesdays. I'll have to see how I do with the schedule given below and then make changes, if necessary.

Monday - rest walk of 0.4 miles
Tuesday - rest walk of 0.4 miles
Wednesday - medium walk of 0.6 miles
Thursday - rest walk of 0.4 miles
Friday - rest day, no walking or running
Saturday - long walk of 0.72 miles

 As time goes by, I will slowly increase the medium and long walks, but the rest walks will stay at 0.4 miles for a while. When I was younger, I ran three times per week and changed the distance of all runs. After my runs reached 5 miles, I changed to the philosophy of rest runs, medium runs, and long runs. I've never run more that five times per week since I like to have rest days before and after my long run.

I will use the distances given above for a while while my body adjusts to going out more often and to a longer weekly distance, Then, I will start increasing the distance of the medium and long walks. After my long walk gets to 2 miles, I will return to the Jordan River Parkway, and I will then start alternating jogging and walking, as I've done in the past.

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