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Sunday, December 02, 2007

When I fell, I fell on my buttocks and then onto my back

I've been having a sore buttocks since I slipped on ice. The pain started on Friday, two days after I fell. I haven't been having buttocks pain during my runs, and I've been confused why the pain was happening now. The thought occurred to me last night that I probably fell on my buttocks and then onto my back. If so, that was a good thing, because if I had fallen directly on my back, I probably would have had far worse injury. I'm 5 foot 8 inches tall, and my shoulder blades are about 5 feet off the ground. That is a large distance for them to directly fall onto the path.

One of the stretches illustrated on my stretching page is for buttocks. I haven't been doing them because I haven't been having buttocks pain. Now, I'll do them until my buttocks pain from the fall goes away.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Status report on my bruised back

I'm half way through the fourth day since I slipped on ice and banged up my back, and I thought I'd end the week with a status report.

When I arrived home after the accident on Wednesday, I hobbled upstairs to my bed and watched a DVD of Santa Clause 3. When I tried to get up from the bed, I couldn't. My back muscles were having severe spasms, one after the other, as I tried to rise up from the bed. My wife had to help me get up. I was pretty sore for the rest of the day. The only way I could keep the spasms and pain away was to stand or sit with my body perfectly balanced over my feet. I knew I'd never survive the bed, so I tried to sleep in a chaise chair. That didn't work, either. I had four extra cushions on the chair -- two for sitting and two behind my back to keep me from leaning back. I couldn't tilt the chair, because I had to keep my body aligned with the vertical. I ended up with 45 minutes of sleep that night. I didn't have much pain when I walked, stood still, or sat straight. I was just so full of stress that I couldn't go to sleep.

Things improved during Thursday. I had fewer muscle spasms, and I was able to get by with two extra cushions on the chair, one for sitting and one for my back. Thursday night was another bad night for sleep -- 2 hours between the night and naps the next day. But, I was able to see improvement in my condition, and that gave me hope.

Friday was a much better day. I was able to walk normally, climb stairs faster, and sit for longer periods of time. Friday night was a big improvement. No extra cushions on the chair, and two hours sleep during the night and an hour the next day in naps. As an experiment I tried taking a nap in my bed and did get half an hour, but when I tried to get up I had several mild muscle spasms due to trying to lift my body off the bed. Later in the evening I actually got sleepy before I tried to go to sleep that evening. In the two previous nights, I wouldn't be sleepy at all until just before the sun came up.

I felt pretty good today, and helped my wife put up our two Christmas trees, and I vacuumed the needles off the floor after we were finished. Tonight will be another night on the chair. I got two hours sleep last night, and my goal is a new PB tonight with three hours sleep :)

I've been worried that I might have a bone fracture. However, I have no tender spots anywhere on my back. When my wife rubs the ointment on my back, she does so with significant pressure, and I think if I had a stress fracture, I would feel pain from her massaging.

I'm very grateful that I didn't have bone fractures or broken bones. At my age, a fall like that could be serious. I'm grateful for the effect of running on my body, and I'm grateful for the supplements that I take to insure that I have proper nutrition.

Until I get more sleep at night, I don't think I'll do any walking or running. My body is suffering from hight stress, and it doesn't need more from walking or running.

The medications I'm taking

My wife and I prefer not to take prescription or over-the-counter medicines, because we're concerned about side effects from those chemicals. Chemical companies don't do long-range testing on their drugs. So we don't use them. Instead, we use herbal remedies and homeopathy remedies.

I've been taking the following homeopathic remedies: Arnica tablets, and my wife has been rubbing Arnica gel into my back. Arnica is good for shock and bruises. I'm also taking Ruta, which is good for ligaments.

I've been taking the following herbal remedies: My wife rubs Dr. Christopher's Complete Tissue & Bone into my back several times during the day. That stuff really works. A couple of years ago, my wife's 76-year old Aunt fell off a six-foot ledge onto some rocks. She had several broken bones and bruises all over her face and body. My wife gave her the Complete Tissue & Bone ointment, and she quickly recovered with no complications of any kind. If you saw her today, you'd never know she had that accident. Starting yesterday, I've been having a mild pain near my shoulder blades, and almost immediately after my wife rubs the ointment into my back, the pain is gone for several hours. It is a very mild pain like that from a bruise. I'm taking a Cramp Bark (2 drops in a small amount of water several times during the day) to help ward off muscle spasms, and I'm taking Dr. Christopher's Relax-Eze to help me relax and sleep better.

I've been using homeopathy and herbs for almost 30 years. My wife and I like them, and we're glad we're keeping our bodies free from the chemical pollution of drugs. I chuckle every time I hear a TV ad for chemical meds and they give a long list of cautions and exceptions.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fluffy snow on ice is a recipe for running with a ... thud!

I left about 10 am for my run on the Jordan River Parkway, hoping to go 6 miles. There was about an inch of snow on the bround, and I thought, "No problem. I've run in deeper snow than that." I started my run, being careful to land in mid-sole rather than on my heels. I had gone about 1/8 mile when ... thud, I was on my back in great pain. I lay on the ground for a few minutes to let the pain subside, and then I rolled onto my hands and knees and crawled a few feet to a wooden fence that lined the path (you can see the fence in the pictures of the path that is in the left side bar). I used the fence post as a support and pulled myself to my feet. I stood there for about a minute and then hobbled to my car and drove home.

I feel ok, just a small amount of pain, while standing or walking, or sitting on the edge of a chair or bed such that my center of gravity is over my hips. But, if I lean back in the chair or lie down on the bed, my back hurts more and is sensitive to jarring of my back, such as via a burp or a hiccup or a gasp for air.

While I was lying on the ground, I examined the path and discovered the asphalt was covered with ice and an inch of light, fluffy snow. I should have thought of the ice, because the snow didn't come until this morning after I was up, and the temperature last night was in the mid 20s (F) and we were having snow flurries when I went to bed. But, I didn't think about the path being icy, and I was caught by surprise when my feet went out from under me.

I wasn't paralyzed from my moving around, so my back isn't broken. My wife has been rubbing my back with an Arnica gel, and I felt no pain from the pressure of her fingers. So, I think I just have a big bruise on my back muscles. If the pain doesn't subside within the next couple of days, I'll go to the ER at the hospital and have them check for bone fractures. Needless to say, I won't be running for a few days or longer.

I'm glad the accident occurred soon after I started my run. It could have happened when I was 3 miles from my car. In that case I would have called my wife on my cell and had her come and get me.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Status report on my right leg/knee

I'm leaving in a few minutes for another run, and I thought I'd post a status report on my right leg and knee. Both the leg and knee are feeling much better. I can walk around the house and feel fine.

The only times I feel soreness are when I sit on the floor to do my hip and knee exercises and when I kneel down. Because of the cushion that I'm using on my chair, I feel stiff a bit but not much pain when I rise from the chair. I can bend my knee without pain, and that helps when I'm putting my shoes and stockings on. I feel a slight pain when I first sit on the floor and stretch my legs out in front of me. When I do the two toe-press stretches, I feel some soreness, especially when my right toe is under the left toe and is pulling toward me (the left toe is pushing away from me). That has been interesting, because in the past when I've done the toe-press I didn't feel anything. Now, I know for sure that the toe-press is truly working my leg and knee muscles!

There have been a few times in the past 10-15 years that I would stress a muscle in my arm while lifting or pulling, and my arm would feel sore. It usually took several weeks for my arm to return to normal. The soreness I've been feeling feels the same way that the soreness did in my arm. Based on my recovery from my sore arm, I'm beginning to realize that the soreness in my right leg may take a few weeks to completely go away. However, since it has only been 10 days since my fast run that created a problem, and a week since my 5-mile run that reestablished the problem, I've made a lot of improvement and am getting back into my running. I've always thought that patience is a great virtue, and this is an example of the wisdom in that saying.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Taking a rest day today

It was raining and a cold wind was blowing during my run on Saturday, and after I finished I didn't stretch. I just jumped in my car to get warm and drove home, planning on stretching at home. Of course, when I got in the house I was focused on taking a hot shower and eating breakfast, and I forgot to stretch. During the day I felt stiff, a normal feeling when I don't stretch after a run. In the evening, my wife and I took TRAX (train) into Salt Lake City to see our grand daughter and 3000 other music students play in the LDS Conference Center. We had to walk half a mile to/from the train and the Conference Center. By the time I went to bed, my right knee and lower quad were a little sore as well as being stiff.

I ran really fast during the first half of my run. I estimated I ran 10:15, but it was probably more like 9:30. I think I overdid it, and that caused my knees and quads to be slightly sore. The same thing happened last spring when I was running intervals at the local high school. I had run several half-mile intervals with a quarter mile jog in between for recovery. As I was mid-way through one interval, I planned on doing one more, but my right quad cramped. I immediately stopped, stretched the quad, and went home. It took a couple of days for that cramp to go away.

When I awoke on Sunday (yesterday), me right knee and quad felt better but were still slightly sore. When I awoke this morning, my legs felt almost normal. I decided to take today as a rest day to give my body another day to recover from my speed run on Saturday. The only soreness I've had today was when I kneel down. No soreness when I walk.

When I have soreness from a run, I never try to run through it. I consider soreness a sign that I overdid it, and I give my body extra rest so it can overcome the stress. I don't want to risk having the soreness become an injury.

I'm planning on running tomorrow. During the run, I'll be focused on my right leg, and if I start to feel soreness, I'll abort and walk back to my car. Also, I'll run at a comfortable LSD pace, probably around 11:30.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

My left foot is feeling "weaker" and is becoming painful

In past posts, I've mentioned that my left foot felt "weak" after long runs. That condition is getting worse. The "weak" feeling starts at about 8 miles, and by 10 miles, my foot is starting to feel sore. As soon as I stop running, the pain stops. Right now, it has been about three hours since I finished my two-hour run, and my foot feels fine.

I don't think my foot is injured, because the "weak" feeling is like the feeling I used to have in my feet after several hours of yard work. In fact, that "weak" feeling and soreness was the reason I started running. I think the problem is due to the fact that it has only been a year and a quarter since I went past 10 miles and on to 15 and then back to 13 miles. During that time, I've done a lot of fast runs and speed training. I think my body just needs more time to build strength.

I am concerned about the half-marathon on April 21, because if my two-hour runs last week and today are indicators, I would have a hard time finishing the race. I'm going to wear an Ace bandage on my foot for the long runs between now and the race (including the race). After the race, I will need a month for recovery, and during that time I will just run comfortable runs with no speed work. Then I'll just have to run the summer and fall by "ear" so to speak.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Intervals: the world goes round and round

Today my running went round and round, around a track that is. I drove to a high school and ran intervals on the track. I ran 5 or 6 quarter-mile intervals followed by a quarter-mile jog/walk recovery. My intervals were around 9:30 minutes/mile and my recovery jogs were around 11:15 minutes/mile.

I had planned on doing one more interval after the one I was doing, when my right ham cramped. I immediately stopped and walked a short distance to a bleacher and stretched the ham. That helped but the ham was still tight, and it felt hard to my touch. I rubbed it for a minute and stretched it some more, but it was still hard. I walked the rest of the way around the track, stretched the ham some more, and then drove home. The ham wasn't sore and had no pain -- just a muscle cramp. I've been home for an hour, and the ham is still slightly hard but not nearly as much as it was when it first cramped.

I wanted to wear my wife's heart-rate monitor during the intervals, but I forgot to take it. I'll use it next week. I don't want my HR to go past 119 (80% of my maximum which is approximately 149). I'd like my recovery HR to be about 89 (60%).

Later: My ham feels fine now. After the hardness went away, my buttock was sore. I did a few buttock stretches and it immediately felt fine.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

My IT Bands are fine

As explained in a previous post, my right IT Band was a little sore on Saturday evening and Sunday. I stretched it on Sunday, and it felt fine on Monday. I've continued to stretch it during the days since Sunday. Yesterday, I ran about 11 miles, and my IT Bands felt fine during the run and during the rest of Wednesday, and they feel fine this morning. The big test will be Saturday when I do more fartleks.

Monday, February 12, 2007

My IT Band was a little sore

After my 3 miles of fartleks on Saturday, I felt fine through out the day. However, during the evening I started to feel a little bit of tenderness in my right leg, between my hip and my knee, and that soreness continued during Sunday. It was very minor, and I didn't notice it most of the time. At first I thought the problem might be with my quad, so I did extra quad stretches on Sunday. But then I recalled that the tenderness was on the outside edge of my leg and thus probably wasn't a quad problem. I remembered that the IT Band goes down the outside of my leg, and I decided it might be an ITB problem. I started doing my ITB exercise, and I could tell that the soreness was in the same place as the muscle being stretched. The soreness was gone this morning. I'm continuing the ITB exercise throughout this day and tomorrow and maybe on into the week.

I first heard of the ITB about six months ago when it came up in discussions on Even though I'd never had a problem with my ITB I decided to do a stretch for it, and for the past six months, I've been doing 20 seconds of ITB stretching before and 20 seconds after my runs (per leg). I think I'll double that. During my fartleks on Saturday, I did a few sprints for about 150 feet, and that burst of speed might have caused the soreness. IT Band pain is an overuse problem. Most of my fartleks were at slower paces.

Later: I read about IT Band injuries on the Internet and learned that running too fast for ones body is one cause of the injuries. I just added a page to my running site about IT Band injuries.

Next day Tuesday February 13, 2007: I haven't had any soreness in the IT Band since Sunday evening. Stretching did the trick, and I caught it before it became an injury!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

My right quad was a little sore

I finished my run yesterday at 10:30 am, and I felt fine. During the day I was busy doing some things in my yard that kept me on my feet, and I felt fine. Then, I spent a couple of hours on my computer, and I noticed when I rose from my chair that my right quad was a little sore. My computer chair is too low, and that causes my quads to be stretched while I'm sitting down. I thought that stretching might have caused the soreness. Or, maybe it was a delayed effect from my run, although I ran a comfortable pace and didn't push myself in either distance or speed. When I awoke this morning, after a good 7 hours sleep, my quad was still sore and remained so during the morning and early afternoon. I returned home from church about 2:30 pm and prepared to take a nap. I did my groin, knee, and quad stretches and then slept for two hours. When I awoke, the soreness was gone, and I've felt fine during the evening. I'll probably never know for sure what caused the soreness, but it apparently wasn't serious.

Older people like me need more time to recover from stress, and we can't afford to over-stress our bodies.

Monday, March 15, 2004

My hamstring was tight

Even though I slept well last night, my wakeup HR was 48, indicating my body is still adjusting to normal sleep. After about a mile into my run, my left ham tightened up. I stopped and stretched it, but it was tight for another 8/10 mile. I stretched it again at my turn-around point, and it felt fine for the rest of the run. I slowed my pace a bit on the way back.