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Monday, January 22, 2007

Shorter but more frequent walking breaks rock!

Ever since I started taking shorter but more frequent walking breaks, I've had nothing but great runs. I like the shorter walking breaks! Thanks, Jeff Galloway, for the suggestion to take shorter breaks!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Shorter but more frequent walking breaks rock!

For the past two days I've been experimenting with 30-second walking breaks every half mile during my one-hour runs. This morning I used them with my two-hour run. I felt fine during the run. I looked forward to the breaks and felt energized after they were over. I had pretty good energy during the run, and I ran the last half two minutes faster than the first half. I could have gone even faster, but I held back since this was a LSD run and not a speed run.

I don't really know if my energy today was from the breaks. All I know is that I felt great, better than I felt yesterday and the day before. Part of it is probably due to my cough being gone. I've had that cough for a couple of months, but it has been gone for a couple of weeks.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Shorter but more frequent walking breaks

Jeff Galloway, in his new book Running Until You're 100 recommends shorter but more frequent walking breaks. I've been taking one minute walking breaks every mile, but this morning I tried 30-second breaks every half mile. I enjoyed them and will continue with the shorter breaks.

I know where the mile points are on the Jordan River Parkway, but I'm just guessing about the half-mile points. Also, I didn't time the 30 seconds. My walking pace is about two steps per second, so I just counted steps. I don't think the distance and time have to be exact. If my half-mile mark is off a bit, it will be corrected at the next mile mark.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

One down, one to go

I ran for two hours this morning on the Jordan River Parkway. I was still tired from my run yesterday, so I took walking breaks every half-mile instead of every mile. There was a light sprinkle of rain during the first half of the run due to a storm-front that is passing through the area. According to the weather forecast, we may get a couple of inches of snow tonight. The temperature was in the low 40s during the run. My wakeup HR was 49.

Yesterday I mentioned I had two runs left for this year. This run makes one down, and I have one more run that will close out the year 2006. It has been a good year!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A good two-hour medium run

I ran the Jordan River Parkway for two hours. Here are my splits.

Mile 1 11:48
Mile 2 11:32
Mile 3 12:48 (walked up the big hill into the residential area)
Mile 4 11:18
Mile 5 11:48
Mile 6 12:11
Mile 7 12:38
Mile 8 12:38
Mile 9 13:13
Mile 10 12:50

You can see where I began getting tired. Also, during the last four miles, I took longer walking breaks. I could tell when I did my stretches this morning that I was a bit tired. I tried to start at a slower pace, but considering my condition when I did my stretches, I should have gone even slower. I'm getting to the point where anything slower than a 12:00 pace seems almost like I'm walking. This is a good sign, because it shows my body is getting used to a faster pace than I've done during the past year. Also, I only had about 6 hours sleep last night due to putting two new disks (Raid 1) in my Macintosh that I use for video work, and that may have influenced the run.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Walking breaks

My plan for walking breaks is to not take breaks during my rest runs but to take them during my medium and long runs. In a few months after I've stopped adding time to my runs and have gotten used to the longer distances, I'll slowly phase out the walking breaks from my medium and later my long runs. I ran the hour this morning non-stop with no walking breaks and no liquid intake. The beautiful fall weather we're having helps in reducing my need for extra liquid (I always drink water when I get up and again just before I leave).

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Felt good to run today!

My wakeup HR was 52, and I had a nice 8 mile run. There was a cool 5-7 mph tail wind when I left, and I had to run against it on the way back. The sky was partially cloudy, and the sun felt good. The temperature in the sun was 32 when I left and 46 when I returned. Probably in the mid 30s in the shade when I returned.

I took one-minute walking breaks and enjoyed them. Since last week was my fall-back week, this week is my recovery week, and I'll do 10 again on Saturday. Next week will be week 11 of my marathon plan.

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

9 mile long run was great!

I'll be leaving for my 9 mile run as soon as I do my stretches. My wakeup PR was 52 on Thursday, 50 on Friday, and 50 today. I feel great and am looking forward to a great run. The sky is cloudy (snow flurries this evening), and the temperature is 17 (F).

I'm back, and I had a great run. I like the walking breaks. They reduce the stress and do invigorate me. I saw several other runners out braving the freezing cold. While I was on the way back, the sun started peeping through the clouds. The temperature when I returned was 27 (F). If all goes well this week, I'll do 10 next Saturday.

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